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  • Peterbilt with a Stainless Steel Deck

  • Stainless Steel Piping with a Chip Guard Installed After the Meter

  • Oversized Stainless Steel Meter Box

  • Recessed Float Gauge for Safety

  • Dropped Deck for Ergonomics

  • Lower Fills & Simple Efficient 2" Piping Throughout

  • A Lin?s Original - Stowed Nozzle in the Meter Box

  • Standard extras - A storage Shelf, Spray Bottle Holder &

    an Ignition Key Hook to Help Prevent a Pull Away

  • Oversized Reel on a Lowered Deck

  • Chock Blocks Stowed & Secured

  • Elite Gas Contractors, Palm City, FL, 3499 Gallon

  • C.V. Oil, Pittsfield, VT, 1200 Gallon

  • Un-decking a Freightliner Chassis

  • Pivotal Propane, St. Clairsville, OH, Mirror Finish Decking, 3499 Gallon

  • State of the Art Painting Facility

  • Beaupre Fuels, Biddeford, ME, Stainless Steel Full Fenders, 3200 Gallon Refurb

  • Diamond Oil, Des Moines, IA, Stainless Steel Full Tandem Fenders, 5000 Gallon

  • DCP Midstream with a Freshly Painted Trailer

  • Arial View of the Lin's Facility

  • Eastern Propane, Oak Ridge, NJ, 3499 Gallon Refurb

  • Arriving Home with a Load of Cargo Tanks

  • McLaughlin's LP Gas, Waynesboro, PA, Stainless Steel Full Fenders, 3499 Gallon

  • Amerigas, 3200 Gallon Refurb

  • Stock Cargo Tanks

  • C.V. Oil, Pittsfield, VT, 3000 Gallon Stainless Steel Enclosed Deck

  • Australian Safety Group, Canning Vale, Western Australia, 5000 Gallon

  • Lin's Offers Pick-up & Delivery

  • Bemer Petroleum, Glastonbury, CT 4250 Gallon

  • Chiles Propane, Pulaski, TN, 3400 Gallon with Passenger Side Spray Fills

  • Wrightington's Gas, 11,600 Gallon Transport, Complete Refurb

  • Johnny Prescott & Sons, Concord, NH, 3200 Gallon

  • Fyles Bros., Orwell, VT, 84" 5000 Gallon Tank with 2" High Volume Transfer Hose

  • The Industries' Best Painting Process

  • Walter's Propane, Sunderland, MA, 850 Gallon with Hydraulics

  • Final Testing & Calibration of the Meter

  • Delaware Propane, Smyrna, DE, 3400 Gallon

  • Countryside Propane, Bethel, PA, 84" 5000 Gallon with High Volume Dual Hose Reels

  • High Volume Second Hose Reel with 65' of 1-1/4" Hose

  • Blasting with Abrasive Coal Media

  • Osterman Propane, Whitinsville, MA, 5000 Gallon

  • Starting the Priming Process

  • Palmer Gas, Atkinson, NH, 3400 Gallon

  • Completed & Ready for Final Testing

  • Using the Compressor to Pull a Vacuum

  • Suburban, 3499 Gallon Refurb

  • Kenworth with a Dropped Stainless Steel Deck

  • Un-decking Many, Many, Many Cab & Chassis

  • Lin's Educational Cut Away Bobtail

  • Loading for Delivery

  • Lenox Propane, Union Dale, PA, 3499 Gallon

  • Propane Plus, Rehoboth, MA, 3400 Gallon

  • Painted Stainless Piping, Painted Stainless Deck, Painted Stainless Fenders

  • Stainless full fender option. The strongest, most durable fender on the market.

  • Chock Blocks Stowed & Secured

  • Stainless lowered deck & lowered fills. Built for driver convenience

  • Spray Fill interlock & low emissions done right!

  • Stainless Steel Placarding - Done Right!

  • A Lin's Original - Stowed Nozzle in the Meter Box

  • Standard Extra - A storage shelf for gloves and acme fittings, a spray bottle

    holder for leak detection soap & an ignition key hook to prevent a pull away.

  • Electronic Metering Component Stand

    Driver Friendly, Rigid & Custom Built to Each Cab

  • Custom Ticket Holder Mounted Conveniently in Every Cab

  • Stable Flow Option - Heats the Propane to Maintain GPMs on Large Propane Deliveries

  • Stable Flow Installation Done Right!

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